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"I was in a genuine state of bliss, I left feeling light and free..."

Stuart Heritage 

Guardian Weekend Magazine

Welcome to Cuddle Workshop, England's longest running cuddle event since 2010!

Perhaps you'd like more quality non-sexual touch in your life, or perhaps you just love to cuddle at every opportunity. Come along, meet good people, learn about (and experience) the importance of touch, and have fun. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced cuddler, our Cuddle Workshop is for you!

Photos by Kaarel Damian Tamre

A Cuddle Workshop is a structured event which explores affection, intimacy, boundaries and verbal/non-verbal communication.  Cuddle Workshops are strictly non-sexual so that you can relax and meet new people in a fun and warm-hearted environment.  You'll have the opportunity to rediscover nurturing touch and affection, let go of hidden agendas, gently explore any challenges around touch and gain tools for more satisfactory touch in your life.





Cuddle Workshop

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