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Cuddle Workshop In The Press

Since cuddling is such a fascinating media interest story many newspapers, online and TV companies have contacted us to find out more about our workshops.  Here are several of the articles and videos they've produced.  Click on the pictures to read the full article.

BBC London live radio Interview with Vanessa Feltz

SAFM radio Interview

MSN: Life At London's Cuddle Workshop


You Can Attend a Cuddle Workshop in London, and it looks pretty cozy 
Close encounters:
 Time Out's Alex  Duggins attends...
Our local papers try out a workshop!
Things to do in West Hampstead: Group Hug, p24.
Refinery29: How Cuddle Workshops help sexual abuse survivors
What to expect from a Cuddle Workshop
Metro: How a Cuddle Workshop may be exactly what you need...
London 360:
A unique look at a Cuddle Workshop
The Telegraph:
Why are men are visiting Cuddle Workshops?
The Guardian:
No hugging: Are We Living Through a Crisis of Touch?

Title. Double

Chronicle Herald:
Reclaiming the social power of "care-full" touch.

Cuddle Workshop

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