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Here are some testimonials from recent participants.

"It was a beautiful, deeply moving and connecting experience" T.H. Jan 2014

"Another beautiful afternoon with a "family" of wonderful people :) Thanks to Anna and Tom and the crew of Aliciane and Yasmin for making it such a loving space and thank you to everyone who came along for sharing hugs and spreading a smile across a winters day. See you again very soon I hope :)" M.C. Jan 2014

"I always leave this workshop so full of love, not only for everyone else in the room but, perhaps more importantly, for myself. I feel so blessed to have this in my life and so honoured to be present with such wonderful people :-)" B.D. Jan 2014

"Fantastic! My second workshop and feeling so glad I made it back into this loving and safe space full of beautiful souls :-)" C.M. Jan 2014

"Blissful sunday afternoon and still having the feeling of hugging and cuddling. Thnx Ana And Tom and to all the lovely people." F.A. Dec 2013

"Feeling on a cuddle high right now, thank you to all the fellow cuddlers, I had a lovely time :)" M.P. Dec 2013

"Its good. Initially I thought I am at a wrong place but during the course of the session I felt comfortable and towards the end I was sure that I made a good choice attending the session" P.K. Dec 2013

"Another amazing workshop with Anna, Tom and lots more gorgeous people. There is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thank you everybody for sharing those special special hugs. xxx" T.LE. Dec 2013

"My first time and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks to Anna and Tom, (the crew) and everybody who attended. I was a little nervous at first but in the end left feeling relaxed, happy, and like I was in another world. I am very much looking forward to seeing everybody again soon :)" M.C. Dec 2013

Cuddle Workshop

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